Steering Wheel Locks



We have all seen them and now the original ... The Club. There are numerous options these days from the original Club to new twists that incorporate high decibel alarms. Just like other auto theft prevention devices, steering wheel locks can be defeated.

The most common way is a thief uses a hacksaw to saw off the end of the steering wheel lock. Then he (or she) can easily drive away with the rest of the steering wheel lock on the steering wheel. I have also heard that people can just remove the entire steering wheel (steering wheel lock and all) and put on a temporary steering wheel so the thief can make their get-away. However, some of the newer steering wheel locks use hardened metal or titanium to make it significantly more difficult to cut through.

ABA ViperLock - ABA Locks (manufacturer of this steering wheel lock) is a recognized world leader in high security locks. Here is a YouTube video of the steering wheel lock in use.

The Club - This is the original steering wheel lock and pedal (brake, gas, clutch) lock that makes it difficult (and near impossible) for someone to drive your vehicle.

The Gorilla Grip - This is a steering wheel lock that also has a 130db alarm!

The WRAP - The WRAP is an innovative vehicle theft deterrent that mounts easily to the steering wheel and offers an astounding array of features designed to provide a high level of protection against vehicle theft, air bag theft and joy riding. The WRAP is used to complement hard-wired vehicle security systems and advertise that if your vehicle has a WRAP on the steering wheel it is likely that the vehicle is equipped with other security systems.